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What is a Seasonal Course?

The Seasonal Courses are divided into 4 major events corresponding to the seasons of the year in which they occur, i.e. Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer Courses. These are undoubtedly the most international events organized by this organization. Although they are organized events in different seasons, the concept is exactly the same: By means of motivational letters, at least 21 students from universities located in the rest of Europe are chosen, who, later, for approximately 10 days are given the customs of the country and the city in which they are located. In addition to this more cultural and enjoyable component, participants are also given the opportunity to become academically enriched and engage in several learning activities.

Summer Course Coimbra

This years' theme of BEST Coimbras' Summer Course was "IoT - Internet of Things". In this course, our participants learned how IoT can change our lifes, and improve our companies. They also created a project on their own, related with the subject.